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Our Advocacy


Through advocacy Signet believes we can create a better future for generations to come.  We believe that we have a duty to our clients and community to advocate for things that improve society. Public support for the causes and policies we believe in will create stronger and healthier communities. Our decisions on who and what to advocate for are not politically motivated, but rather a reflection of Signet’s  and our clients’ values. Some of the issues we have addressed  and will continue to work on include:

Our involvement in the COVID Vaccine Response:
Signet Strategic Wealth, Inc. a signatory to the COVID Vaccine response to major pharmaceutical companies. With our partners, we represented over $2.5 TRILLION dollars of investor assets and working with these companies, to ensure that all people were given affordable access to the vaccine when it was made available and that if public funds were used, to ensure that those funds were used for vaccine development and deployment, and not used to enhance the companies’ bottom lines.

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Letter to Biogen
Letter to Pfizer
Letter to Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Letter to Gilead Sciences
Letter to Severin Schwan
Letter to Paul Hudson
Letter to Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Our involvement in Washington in regards to the COVID Response:
Together with our partners at the USSIF, we have engaged both political parties to help ensure we find an equitable solution to the Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Working with our partners at the USSIF, we have engaged the current administration by providing them with feedback on what we believe the continued response should be in addressing the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice, economic inequality and climate change.

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Letter to the White House

Our involvement in the transition of political parties:
The challenges new administrations may encounter can differ from term to term.  During this new transition, we and our partners at the USSIF reached out to the new administration asking that the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice, economic inequality and climate change are identified as key priorities for the incoming administrations agenda.

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Letter to President Biden

Committing to cleaner technologies:
Our clients are increasingly coming to the conclusion that the value of their portfolios and Net Worth are dependent in part on sustainable global economic growth. For that reason, we advocate for natural resource development to support economic growth as well as the development of clean technologies, which hold the promise of more sustainable economic growth.  Together with our partners we are advocating for protections against large-scale mining for Alaska’s Bristol Bay*, and call on the U.S. EPA and Congress to use their authority to take these recommended steps to afford permanent protection for the Bristol Bay wild salmon fishery.

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*Alaska Bristol Bay is not affiliated with LPL or Signet Strategic Wealth Management.

Committing to protecting solar energy:
In an effort to protect solar in California from proposed changes by the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), we have partnered with Green Century closely on this issue with Environment California and Environment America, affiliates to the non-profit groups that own Green Century*. Since the proposed changes were announced these organizations have been organizing members of the California legislature, engaged Californians, and the environmental community both at the state and national level, in addition to our investment community participation.

Letter to Governor Gavin Newsom

*Green Century, Environment California, and Environment America are not affiliated with LPL or Signet Strategic Wealth Management.