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The Signet Approach to SRI

The Signet Approach to SRI

April 30, 2021

Signet Strategic Wealth Management believes in investment practices that promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights and diversity.

Based on our clients’ areas of concern we will seek to implement positive investing. This involves making investments in activities and companies believed to have a positive social impact. Clients may choose to avoid investing in companies that are not in alignment with their social or environmental outlook and seek companies engaged in practices that are more in concert with their beliefs.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) can encompass many different areas including ethical investing, green investing, program related investing, impact investing, triple bottom line investing, sustainable investing and ESG(Environmental, Social and Governance) investing. See the SRI glossary for more information on these areas.

Once our client has identified the areas in which they choose to invest, Signet will develop ESG screens that are determined through conversations and our in-depth questionnaire which is crucial in determining what criteria should be included and excluded from a portfolio.

We believe in the positive impact responsible investing has on our client’s conscience, rest assuring that personal beliefs don’t need to be sacrificed to gain a profit. This trend of “doing good” with money continues to grow in popularity which, in turn, giving us more and more investment options to accommodate the socially conscious.


The professionals at Signet Strategic Wealth Management seek to provide transparent financial advice and services for sophisticated investors committed to social change.

While we consistently grow to meet the evolving needs of our clients, we maintain a solid core value system, allowing us to stay steady and true. Our core values revolve around the following principles:

- Clients come first

- Integrity is our only choice

- Quality will always trump quantity

- The best financial advice is the result of expertise and collaboration

- How we invest is as important as why we invest

Our freedom to put you first comes from choosing our own course as an independent firm. Instead of being required to offer pre-packaged programs and investments, Signet Strategic Wealth’s skilled and experienced advisors are able to provide you with a custom financial plan based on your unique individual needs and values. Our team will put you first and foremost, which is exactly as it should be.



Signet Strategic Wealth offers fiduciary services, insurance and annuities, alternative investments, and many other financial product strategies.

As a fiduciary in advisory relationships, our advisors offer objective, independent advice, and a commitment to transparency, building confident, lasting relationships based on trust. The professionals at Signet strategic Wealth have a fiduciary duty in how we manage each client’s wealth in advisory relationships.

Key Fiduciary Duties:

Our Core Business Focus:

- Servicing the clients’ best interest

- Acting in utmost good faith

- Acting prudently – with the care, skill and judgment of a professional

- Avoiding conflicts of interest

- Disclosing all material facts

- Controlling investment expenses

 - Comprehensive Financial Planning & Advice

- Socially-Responsible Investment Planning & Management

- Insurance Planning, Review and Implementation

- Tax Planning and Deferral Strategies

- Retirement Income Planning

- Cash Management & Cash Management Solutions

What you say and how you feel matters to us. We want to hear about your life, your interests and your goals. Our work is based on these conversations, so feel free to speak up! The more you say, the more we can learn about you and ensure that your financial needs are in alignment with your goals and aspirations.



Our financial planning process follows the Certified Financial Planning guideline known as the 7-Step Financial Planning Process. This process is ongoing, and will be used throughout the financial planning engagement period:

1.) Understanding our client’s personal and financial circumstances

2.) Identifying, selecting and prioritizing goals

3.) Analyzing our client’s course of action and potential alternative courses of action

4.) Developing the Financial Planning recommendations

5.) Presenting the Financial Planning recommendations

6.) Implementing the Financial Planning recommendations

     -Addressing implementation responsibilities

     -Identifying, analyzing and selecting actions, products and services

7.) Monitoring progress and updating our client


We believe that a blended, balanced approach provides our clients with the best of both worlds while being cost and diversification-conscious.

The debate over whether investors should choose an active or passive approach is ultimately misguided, because investors can benefit greatly by combining both approaches in the same portfolio.

Passive strategies can achieve market exposure cheaply and efficiently in certain markets.

Active strategies can extend the reach of that portfolio and add risk mitigation or performance alpha, depending on the investor’s goals. While high active share strategies have demonstrated their ability to outperform over time, beating a benchmark is too narrow a lens through which to view a well-rounded portfolio.

By utilizing both strategies, we feel we can offer our client a well-diversified portfolio, while managing risk in a manner most appropriate for all investors, based on their investor suitability.



Below are the four most common approaches used by investors and analysts alike when selecting SRI securities for a portfolio.

- Best-in-class (positive) screening involves the investment in sectors, companies or projects selected for positive ESG performance relative to their industry peers, as well as the inclusion of investments that meet personal preferences and requirements.

- Exclusionary (negative) screening encompasses the exclusion of a security or group of securities from a fund or portfolio of certain sectors, companies or practices based on specific ESG criteria.

- ESG integration is the systematic and explicit inclusion by investment managers of environmental, social and governance factors into the traditional scope of financial analysis.

- Thematic investing is defined as a top-down investment approach with a focus on broader macroeconomic themes that a fund manager can use to identify strong companies. These can apply to SRI and sustainability themes, as well as any theme that the client chooses.



It is our mission to provide investment resources and strategies to clients and financial institutions helping them develop a greater knowledge and passion for sustainable, responsible and impact investments.

Let us help you find your mark with our experience.

The return may be lower than if the adviser made decisions based solely on investment considerations.

All investing involves risk, including loss of principal. No strategy assures success, or protects against loss. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.

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