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Cash in On Your Collectibles

Cash in On Your Collectibles

February 28, 2022

Through the years, what’s popular to collect has varied, but certain items—coins, books, and toys, for example—have remained well-liked for their natural collectability. How you maintain your collection, though, makes all the difference in holding its value over time.


Stamps are forever changing, and there have been so many different iterations of stamps through the ages that they make for exciting and rewarding items to collect. Like most paper, stamps have to avoid light, water, and extreme temperatures to remain in good condition, so it’s best to keep them mounted to a sheet of paper, protected inside an album.

Comic Books

There’s no group quite as dedicated as comic book collectors, and with the popularity of comic book-related television shows and movies, there is tremendous potential in a collection like this. But comic books are delicate and should be kept in a clear cover (preferably with an acid-free board behind the book), which keeps the paper free of dust and removes stress from the binding.


Vinyl records are an important piece of American culture. Whether you are young or old, records are still a fun way to play the classics (and even some modern tunes) and can be even more fun to collect. To keep your vinyl free of dust and scratches, store them upright and in polyethylene sleeves, in a room with a relatively constant temperature and humidity level.


Strange to some and beloved to others, antique dolls are among the most popular collectibles still today. If a doll is still in its original packaging, it’s best to leave it in the box and store the box upright without access to natural or florescent light. If a doll is out of its packaging, make sure to keep it out of moisture and light and in a closed cabinet to avoid dust.


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